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There's a  lot of questions Already. is this Titan gel really ORIGINAL? or just a hype floating on the internet? just another HOAX?...


There's a  lot of questions Already. is this Titan gel really ORIGINAL? or just a hype floating on the internet? just another HOAX? that is gaining popularity like VIAGRA? ()well at least Viagra really works   isn't it?

Some of the guys in our Forum keep asking this over and over again.
Why is it that they have gain no results? after a month of daily using it?
Why is it that instead of better performance they tend to be lousy and no more good in doing it with their partners?

Tha reason to keep track is the possibility of wrong method.
The manual is not a 100% surefire aid to them
and it doesn't  even guarantee safe and  positive results

Lets understand the sellers View ()TITAN GEL SELLERS/ Buyers GUide***

1. SOme of the Resellers of The Product ''Titan Gel'' is just a newbie in Enhancement industry
2. They don have WEBSITE and just keep selling using FAcebook '' and spamming Fb Groups''
3. Sellers are ''WOMAN'' HEY! woman? do you understand what you are selling? 
i think if there's one exact gender that you should be talking about the product. must be a MALE dude! a male! not a FEMALE. because they don't have Dick to experiment. they cant give you the best advice  and real experience. ONLY male sellers can do it. ''INTIENDES?''
4. SPots in Goole Engine: If you happen to bump into this site using Querry in google. then congratulations! you  just found the Titan Gel best Legit Sellers in town

5.AFter Sales Contact: MEANING? the Sellers is not from LAZADA or any  ONLINE SHOP./ trust me. ZALORA or any of its kind suckssss! when it comes to TECH support or after sales contact
. Because after you buy the Order. ''BAHALA KA NA SA BUHAY MO''  yung inorder mo. google ma  na lng ulit kung paano gamitin. WOrst!  ang tanging paraan para ma kontack mo na sila ay tru Email. Tama po ba? that is the reason why i Hate Buying at Lazada:)  sorry. this is true, hindi porket sikat ang portal ay ok din ang lahat ng Items.Kaya lang naman naka ranking ang mga ito sa google engine dahil ginastusan nila ito at nag bayad para sa ads Spot. Pero ok din naman ang Ibang products nila. Specially mga GAdgets. pero pag dating sa mga Enhancement? Palpak yata :)

Bweno  mga amigo :) May isang palatandaan na OK ang ITEM na nabili mo mula sa isang Sellers
+ Kailanagan Ito ay May MAgandang PAckaging ()Selayado at walang anumang TAmpered
+ Kumpleto sa manual at instructions kung paano gamitin
+May money back GUanrantee
+ May Policy na Return and Exchange
+ HIndi bagsak presyo ()Medyo mAhal ang Original na Titan Gel at BAWAL itong ibenta ng mababa sa 2,000 Pesos. nag kalat ngayon ang mga MUra na Titan Gel. ()meron pang 1200.00  Grabe mga sellers na ito? hindi kaya Tubig na lang ang LAman nun?

Anyway. sa mga future buyers ng Titan Gel. mapa bulk orders man ito or single personal use. Tiyakin niyo na lang na g magoogle  niyo ang sapat na info at detalye. kung sakali mang mag search ka at mapunta ka sa mga youtube videos na mas wala kang mapapala. dahil puro advertisement purpose na lamang ito. BEWARE: All Titan Gel Videos are all Advertisement Purpose. THERes no QUALITY INFORMATION  there. YOu better Believe me. Because i myself also doing it on YOUTUBE.
I have the best Video there. but  competition there is BIG.  the one who survive is the one who get more thousand view.
And the only thing why they get more views is because they have  BOts to view their Videos. They even Crack to hack subsrcibers and enforce view just by spamming other youtubers,
THATS BAD. :: they dont even have  good links where people can read the PRoducts Final Info. ONLY CP NUMBERS. Flashing on their screen.
JUST the Typical YOUTUBE Sellers and sales pitch type.

FOR REAL MANUAL + good Positive feedback regarding Titan Gel
Contacts Us @ 0997-7303-691

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Accept Payment